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An epic rant on downplaying of drastic totalitarian covid measures in Germany by Karl der Große (German / English)

Though we are not linked in any way to the author, there is no better description of what and why we did and why we should keep on fighting for freedom and democracy - Rob Jenkins' Manifesto 'Where does Team Reality go from here?' (german version)

How Heiko Maas and Thomas de Maizière have transformed our country into a dystopian surveillance state in less than 12 months (German)

Janina Lionello's precise unmasking of the mechanisms of the current creeping social exclusion, which many people do not even notice (but practice) (German / English)

Read Dr.Viehlers brilliant answer to the government-financed so-called 'independent' Corona-Blog 'Volksverpetzer', who was blaming the unvaccinated for unnecessarily blocking ICU beds. (German)

Read Anke Behrend's fantastic analysis of parallels between the language of the Covidian Cult and religion! (German)

True Data For True Democracy

Evaluation of data relating to Covid-19

Numbers you may not see elsewhere

Analysis and data from various countries related to current topics including vaccination progress

Gvt Administration&The Media

What the media shows us can be far away from what we see with our own eyes. So-called 'fact checkers' financed as obscure stately outlets try to tell us right from wrong. 

Do Lockdowns Work?

Many people believe that lockdowns are a well-known strategy in fighting pandemics. No, they don't.

Different views on lockdowns. 

Defending Democracy, Freedom&Justice

While fighting a pandemic is a natural necessity, as time went on more and more measures turned out to be an undemocratic threat to freedom of speech.